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  1. virr03

    hello hello

    hello hello
  2. virr03

    Marcus - Virr03

    Nickname: Virr03 A bit about yourself: Well I am 16 years old and live in Norway. I dont do much other than game and attend to school. I love riding motorcycles and have been doing it for 1 year as I got my licence 1 year ago. Message to the Community: Behave yourself and we wont have a...
  3. virr03


    Sup dude
  4. virr03


    I like em thick. More meat to grab. on the sheep
  5. virr03

    Does anyone know why metal sparks in microwaves?

    because it just does
  6. virr03

    How are you cunny funts doing?

    Moving to a city called "Hamar". i live in a place called "Lillehammer" and it is like 1 hour drive. My school is in "lillehammer" so i will be using train and my motorcycle. BROOM BRROOOM
  7. virr03

    He got me in to trouble!

    i dont like bullies. However i am a bully myself. I am good in boxing and i usally beat the shi* out of them so watch out bill. ILL be coming for you m8
  8. virr03

    Marvel or DC

    Marvel because it is marvel. DC has more of the "physic" abilities while the marvel got more magic / techonlegy etc. The DC uses most of weapons. No1 likes that. Everyone likes marvel. if you disagree i wont be happy.
  9. virr03

    How are you cunny funts doing?

    bad bruh
  10. virr03

    hello there

    hello there