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  1. Nicky2107

    ANNOUNCEMENT Server Changes

    Hey Everyone, As Alpha has been release we have encounterd many bugs and issues evolving around Lag. Thanks to the Development team as well as MrFlacko many of these issues have been resolved. We now have a system that cleans up the Lag once the server goes under 13tps the server clears the...
  2. Nicky2107

    [ Co-Owner ] Nicky2107

    Nickname: Nikki A bit about yourself: I was born in Melbourne, VIC on the 21st of July 2001. I am currently 18 years old if you haven't figure that out already and currently working three different jobs outside of gaming. I enjoy both playing video games but also a really strong coffee in the...
  3. Nicky2107

    If I...

    That’s the point
  4. Nicky2107

    If I...

    Hahaha 😂
  5. Nicky2107

    If I...

    If I punched my self in the face and it hurt would that make me weak or strong?
  6. Nicky2107

    Fun facts

  7. Nicky2107

    Marvel or DC

    I just prefer DC it is more realistic and the story lines for the characters are so much better. Also Tony Stark is similar to bat man they both paid their way into the super hero world. I wont lie that of course the Hulk is the strongest and most power super hero made so far he is almost...
  8. Nicky2107

    Marvel or DC

    You didn’t vote either DC or Marvel. My option DC any day look at Batman 🤤
  9. Nicky2107

    Marvel or DC

    Tell me which one you prefer Marvel or DC and why I want to hear all your guys opinions on this 😂
  10. Nicky2107

    Does anyone know why metal sparks in microwaves?

    Haha yes of course I love my science. Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation. Microwaves are built to absorbe the water contrasts with in food causing them to heat up this is because the microwave is built to pulse back and forth very quickly in fact at the speed of light of...