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As with any typical network, we at Plexus ("Team") have some general rules. These can be and are to be applied by any and all staff members at the staff member's discretion. Punishments work a lot like the American Judicial System in that multiple punishments can be assigned to run concurrently, at the staff member's discretion. By using our Services ("Server," "Network," "Website," "Forums," "Help Desk"), you agree to be legally bound by these rules and hereby state that you are at least thirteen (13) years of age or have consent from a parent or legal guardian to be using these Services.


Section 1 | Rules


All users are expected to treat each other with the utmost level of respect. Disrespect in chat, DOXing, threatening users, or anything deemed by a Team member to be of that sort is expressly prohibited and can result in termination of your right to use the chat (if you rack up multiple offenses, you could receive a ban.

The use of illegal tactics or modifications ("mods," "hacks," "cheats," "hacking") to gain an unfair advantage through will result in the temporary termination of your access to the network.

Also, nothing deemed explicit shall be posted.

Plexus Team members are to have the final say and are to be obeyed.

Users' access can be terminated at a Team member's discretion.

The rules everywhere boil down to one thing: respect. Honestly, nothing hurts someone more than to be told to leave, that they aren't significant. Everyone is significant.




Section 2 | Punishments & Appeals


Any punishment can be appealed, but if you have multiple types of punishments, you'll want to appeal both of them. This is 100% legal. The time between appeal submission is 3 months. Any appeal for a punishment created within that 3-month dead-zone will be denied instantly. This rule pertains to each punishment individually.



Section 3 | Forfeited Rights


By using our Services, you agree that at any time your user account may have its access to certain features (i.e. chat) or its access to an entire portion of the network terminated. We reserve the right to modify, delete, edit, remove, or change any information you post. This includes your user accounts on different portions of the network or builds in Minecraft.


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