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Hey all!

My name is Jackson. I enjoy... well, I enjoy a lot.

Jackson's Likes

  1. Programming
    1. Java
    2. HTML
    3. CSS
    4. PHP
  2. Designing
    1. Adobe XD
  3. Academia
    1. English
    2. Math
    3. Science
    4. History
    5. Computer Science
  4. Thinking
    1. Processing Big Questions
    2. Problem Solving
  5. Taking Tests/Exams
  6. Reading and Understanding the Bible
    1. Mediating on Verses
    2. Reading Reading Plans
  7. Organization
    1. Outlines
    2. Lists
    3. Numbers
If you're still here, that was meant to be one big joke ;) Get it? 'Cause the entire list is an outline?

Anyways, hello! I love to interact with people and that's exactly what I'll be doing on here (among other things)

Thanks for reading this, and I hope to interact with some of you.
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