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Oct 22, 2019
Nickname: Nikki

A bit about yourself: I was born in Melbourne, VIC on the 21st of July 2001. I am currently 18 years old if you haven't figure that out already and currently working three different jobs outside of gaming. I enjoy both playing video games but also a really strong coffee in the morning to power me though my exhausting days. I have an amazing boyfriend who enjoys streaming daily on twitch and being a nerd like myself and although Im not the best at computers I sure know how to chat and have a good time. I am currently living in Brisbane QLD but orginally moved to from Melbourne to the Goldcoast QLD. My time on the Goldcoast included alot of parties and swims at the beach as well as me completing my year 11 certificate. Moving to Brisbane was a massive challenge in my life but I am now very happier where I am and contiue to push myself to learn and gain more life skills everyday.

Message to the Community: "Every day is a new day" Challenge your self to do new things if you dont succeed the first time try again never give up.

Favorite Food: Spaghetti & Sour Patch Kids (Lolly)

Education: Year 11, RSA and RSG

What you do for Plexus: I manage the Staff in General I also do many advertisments for the discord and contribute suggestions on server changes and make sure the Staff Managers are following the correct procedures.

Discord: Nikki2107#1375

Email: nadavies21@gmail.com

Favorite thing to do on Friday night: Get DRUNK and party!

Hobbies: Video Games, AFL (football)
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